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Practice Areas

  • Small Business/Collections

    Hiring a lawyer produces results for creditors who are owed money. The Law Offices of Marcus William Morales, a Santa Barbara law firm, helps clients receive payment in a timely and professional fashion.

  • Personal Injury

    When injured in a car accident (or any other personal injury) in the Santa Barbara area it is important to know your rights. Generally, an injured party must file a summons and compliant within two years of the injury.

  • Estate Planning

    Dying without a will can lead to your property being passed to uncertain heirs. Having a Santa Barbara attorney draft a will ensures upon death decedent’s property will be passed on to people who deserve it most.

  • About Us

    The Law Offices of Marcus William Morales possesses the legal knowledge and ability to achieve results. Whether you need a Santa Barbara personal injury lawyer or a Santa Barbara collections lawyer, give them a call today for a free consultation.

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